Immediately after application, the scent is pleasant…like delicate orange blossom. It’s a light and nice texture, gently absorbed rather than sitting on top of skin, with a lovely softening effect.
— Audrey (UK)
I was amazed by the result the next morning....

— Isaure (UK)
I have used it for a week and it’s amazing!
— Kriti (UK)
Fantastic! I love the oil. I don’t normally take the time to look after my skin before going to bed. (I know it’s not good) but now....I put the oil on as I love the smell and the feel when applying it.
— Laurence (UK)
I love this serum. Divine smell and incredible results. Thank you.
— Fanny (45) Brittany
First impressions: I love the smell. The texture isn’t too rich. I love it!
— Camille (UK)
I love putting those delicious drops on my face just before going to bed. I’m usually not too sure about applying oil on the face, but this one is absorbed so quickly, my skin doesn’t feel sticky at all. I think the smell is fantastic, it feels like I am looking after myself just by applying it.
— Emmanuelle (France)
I absolutely love your night oil! The texture is rich but not sticky and it penetrates quickly. The skin feels very soft with just 2 or 3 drops and I love the smell. Using it everyday, I can see my skin looks better...
— Camille C (37) London
I’ve been meaning to write for weeks to say how great I think your sensational facial oil is. My skin looks so much smoother the next morning, I think it’s a really lovely product.
— Cathy (UK)
I swear people continue to tell me my skin looks so amazing. I hope to get this serum forever. I’m totally addicted.
— Rory (US)
I have received the oil. Thank you. You may not recognise me in the street now as I look so youthful!
— Victoria (UK)