Both Parisian living in London, we met whilst working in advertising and marketing on short deadlines and long hours.

Mothers in our 40s, juggling lots of different tasks + making sure our families consume intelligently, eat healthy and sleep well, we felt a need to slow down and take better care of ourselves.

We started sharing simple, efficient and cost effective wellbeing tips. Relaxayvoo was born.


A blend initially created as we were looking for a natural anti ageing skincare, with highly efficient active ingredient, a nice smell at a reasonable price.

We consulted with a very experienced and renowned beauty expert and created the formula with the help of an Aromatherapist.

2 things were key: The formula + The massage ritual

After a couple of years using our oil, it only felt right to share it with people we like.

Friends, sisters, mothers, aunties and husbands tried it. A very big majority loved it and were addicted… The Renewal night face oil was born. 


100% transparency – No chemicals – No marketing extravaganza – Ethically produced – Organic

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